Dollars and Sense

By Nancy Jordan Blackmore

The time has come for us as an organization to raise funds, and not just a penny or two. We must raise enough money to prove that the community has a vested interest in preserving the heritage and history of our county, state, country.

Nay Sayers will dispute this and most of us loathe raising funds. The point is the old saying that “Money talks and Bull-____Walks” is true. Without funds we are a bunch of tree-hugging liberals. Our organization must commit to making a significant difference in our region for generations to come.

I for one am committed to the cause and I am willing to work and plan for an annual event to raise the capitol to make those at the capital in Frankfort to sit up and listen. We must help BBL State Park help themselves and work “with them” to improve and finally reach our goal of building a museum.

BBL recently got $1 million from State funds. The “First Phase” of the museum is in the works. That means the money was spent to build the staff an office. The rest of the money was used to purchase land.

Money will allow us to educate the community and create a plan to implement; an organization cannot be successful without funds. You can’t even have respect without them. So let’s move forward and set a fire amongst us and those in the know that The Friends of BBL is a force that is serious. Raising funds proves that the community backs our efforts. We must not stop until we have a museum.

I propose that our organization explore the possibility of asking the Federal Government to take control of this International Gem. If Big Bone Lick were taken over by the National Park system then it would be a National Historic Landmark. Wouldn’t that put Boone County on the map?

Ask yourself questions like how State Parks in remote areas get Lodges, Golf Course and the like? Pretty hard to understand but, that my Friends of Big Bone Lick is politics.

Government has the most difficult time when it comes to making sense, mostly dollars and cents. Big Bone Lick is centrally located in the middle of the majority of the United States population within a short drive from major cities. Doesn’t a tourist attraction with international fame, rich with archeological and paleontological information, national history, and prehistoric information we have yet to discover sound like a good idea?

Learning, discovery, preservation, with tourism revenue as the bonus is a great idea.

Show me the money, let’s get together and search for the best way to make our voices heard.

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