June 2019 Meeting Details Announcement

June 27, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Boone County Public Library - Scheben Branch
8899 US 42 Union
Ky 41091

The Sixth Extinction- Elizabeth Kolbert
Whether you are a believer or a denier regarding climate change, it is a controversial topic that needs discussion. For this reason, Friends of Big Bone invite the public to explore this issue by reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction and enter into a discussion on June 27th at the Scheben Library- 7:00 P M.
Of particular interest to FOBB is Kolbert’s Chapter 2. It explores the concepts of extinction, evolution, and climate change as a result of the mastodon bones discovered at Big Bone by Baron Charles de Longueuil who led a military force from Montreal in 1739. Later William Clark was sent to this land of the Big Bones by President Thomas Jefferson to find some of these bones and send them to him. Those who have visited Jefferson’s Monticello can attest to the fact that he received them, for they are on display as visitors enter the hallway of his home. As a result of Clark’s actions, Jefferson become intrigued and later engaged in the scientific significance of the bones and the debates that followed.
The library has several copies for public usage. Those who prefer listening to reading, audible.com has the taped version. Kolbert’s book won a Pulitzer Prize in 2014. Her content is well-researched, and her writing style is clear and engaging. Pick up a copy and join FOBB for a thought-provoking discussion.  Below is the meeting agenda details:


Friends of Big Bone Agenda- June 27, 2019 Meeting- 6:00

The Sixth Extinction Book Discussion- FOBB- 7:00

Scheben Library- Main Room

Item Updates

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Reminder of signing up for Kroger Rewards for FOBB (hand out reminders) and Amazon Rewards
  • Report on Geo Fair, Community Activities Fair, Bio Blitz in May
  • Report on BBLSHS spring-summer programs/events
  • Review of FOBB 2019 Meetings, Programs, and Activities (see other side)
  • Update on the Outdoor Improvement Project at BBLSHs
  1. Replace signage above Diorama Pit (Phase1)
  2. Exhibit Team from CMC will provide the graphics (4 plus 1 new illustration) and will send an updated Project Agreement regarding costs
  3. Ron Hager of Patron Graphics will provide workmanship and proofs as in-kind service
  4. Pannier will do the fiberglass embedment (FB) at cost for the signs
  5. Text and installation of signs will be completed by the park
  6. FOBB will pay for the project
  7. The Exhibit Team and Patron Graphics will begin working in conjunction with one another once the cost of fiberglass embedment is established from Pannier and the Project Agreement between CMC’s Exhibit Team and FOBB is signed
  8. The Exhibit Team will submit a proposal for upgrading the Diorama Pit
  • Other

Items for Discussion and/or Action

  • Fall events- need volunteers
  1. September 28- Great Outdoor Weekend
  2. October 18-10- Salt Fest
  • Status of interviewing for BBL park manager
  • Visit to BBLSHS July 8 from Mark Weekley, Superintendent of Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, and Jim Mallory, head of the Lewis and Clark Trust
  • Future programs/events at Big Bone
  • Other

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