January 2019 Meeting

January 24, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Boone County Public Library - Scheben Branch
8899 US-42 Union
Ky 41091


Friends of Big Bone January 24, 2019 Agenda

6:00 P M- Scheben Library- Main Room

Paying Dues and Voting for Board Members

Item Updates

  • 2019 FOBB Board and Officers
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Reminder of signing up for Kroger Rewards for FOBB
  • Review of FOBB 2019 Meetings. Programs, and Activities
  • Other

Items for Discussion and/or Action

  • Suggestions for FOBB 2019 programs
  • Winter and Spring events- need volunteers
  1. February 9th and 10th –Dino Days at CMC
  2. May 4th and 5th –Geo Fair at Sharonville Community Center
  3. May 11th – Community Activities Fair- Boone Co. Farmer’s Market
  • Update on the future BBL projects
  1. Bison-viewing area (original plan)
  2. Big Bone Methodist Church (original plan)
  3. Three Phase Project to Improve BBLSHS (new plan)
  4. Replace Signage above the Diorama Pit (Phase 1)
  5. Re-work the Diorama Pit (Phase 1)
  6. Install boardwalks on main trail (Phase 2)
  7. Build Amphitheater on hillside by Diorama Pit (Phase 3)


  • Grant application process for Land and Water Conservation Federal Grant
  • Other

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