Friends of Big Bone 2022 Programs

See below for a description of Friends of Big Bone’s upcoming programs for the remainder of 2022: 


August 25, 2022

Big Bone Lick and the Underground Railroad

Bridget Striker- Director of Local History at the Boone County Library

Big Bone Lick’s location on the Ohio River placed it at the center of conflict between slaveholders and abolitionists in the years leading up to the Civil War. Intrigue and controversy surrounded the 1853 accusations of slave abscondment by local doctor Thomas J. Trundle. Court documents shine light on the dissension within the Union-Big Bone neighborhood and provide evidence as to the route to freedom across the Ohio River to nearby Patriot, Indiana.


September 22, 2022

 Patty Flandreau Selmes: Life of a Nineteenth-Century Woman in Boone County and Beyond

Cathy Collopy, Dinsmore Program Director

Born on the Boone County farm of her grandfather, James Dinsmore, during the Civil War, Patty Flandrau Selmes expanded the horizons of that family, both geographically and through her connections with notable Americans of the time period. Though she befriended many, including Theodore Roosevelt, and lived an adventurous life on the frontiers of the United States, her letters often reflect a lifelong struggle with depression. This is a story of her life.



October 27, 2022

Whiskey Spirits Along the Ohio

Matt Becher, Boone County Historic Preservation Officer

Soon the night of spooks and spirits, Halloween, will arrive, but a different type of spirit reached Boone County in the mid-1800s, the legendary Petersburg distillery. Learn about this industrial giant along the Ohio River, which made more whiskey than any other Kentucky distillery of its day.


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