Megafauna Natural History – The Road to Big Bone Lick Presentaion

Program: Exploring Megafauna from the Pleistocene Epoch at Big Bone

Friends of Big Bone February 2020 Program:

The bones found at Big Bone Lick provide a glimpse into the saga of the explosion of mammal evolution following the extinction of the dinosaurs. Join Friends of Big Bone for a look at the natural history story of megafauna that roamed North America during the Pleistocene epoch eventually finding their way to Big Bone Lick, one of America’s finest paleontology treasures.

  • Where: Scheben branch of the Boone County Library – Meeting Room B
  • When :Thursday, February 27 6:30-7:30 PM

The pre-program business meeting agenda begins a 5:45PM and details are provided below:

Item Updates

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Crawford Insurance for FOBB
  • Filing FOBB taxes
  • Review of FOBB 2020 Meetings, Programs, and Activities
  • FOBB donating money and time to BBLSHS
  • Update Environmental Improvement Plan at BBL


Items for Discussion and/or Action

  • Ways to increase membership
  1. New member kit- what would that include
  2. Attracting attention of younger people
  3. Posting pictures on what FOBB does on our website and Facebook page
  4. FOBB tour guides at the park
  5. FOBB speaker’s bureau
  6. Business cards for members
  • Fundraising for the Diorama Project Fundraising- The Wall of Bones
  • Diorama Project review-electronic sample of one of the signs
  1. Signage- contacted Ron Hager from Patron Graphics. Their in-kind service will include the following:
  2. a) Take the text and graphics with high resolution files FOBB sends and design and provide proofs.
  3. b) Then FOBB and BBL management can decide if the sample is acceptable or discuss what needs to be changed. Then Patron will prepare files as needed by Premiere so that they can develop the final product.
  4. c) FOBB cost: development of the signs by Premiere
  5. d) Installation done by KY. Parks crew
  6. e) Hope to have the entire signage completed and installed by late spring/early summer
  7. Upgrade the diorama
  8. Possible paleo encampment (new addition)
  9. Amphitheater (new addition)
  • Other

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