2019 Cincinnati Museum Center “Dino Days”

2019 Cincinnati Museum Center "Dino Days"

The Cincinnati Museum Center sponsored "Dino Days" on Saturday and Sunday, February 9-10.  The event highlighted the recent renovation and reopening of the museum's Dinosaur Hall display area.  Friends of Big Bone accepted an invitation to participate in the event with a display booth highlighting our support for Big Bone Lick State Historic Site.  While Big Bone Lick's Pleistocene fauna represents an epoch separated from the dinosaur Cretaceous era when dinosaurs ruled the earth by a mere 64 million years, the park, which is recognized as the "Birthplace of American Vertebrate Paleontology", shares the Cincinnati Museum Center's common goal of promoting public awareness and education regarding prehistoric life and natural history during our earths amazing prehistoric past.  Attached are some pictures of our display area in which approximately 3,000 people of all ages visited our booth during the two day event, including a few pictures of the newly designed dinosaur exhibit at the museum.  Click on the first photo and then scroll through the pictures, some of which will enlarge.

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