Geier Collections & Research Center

Phase One Fossils & Artifacts

Artifacts and fossils that were found at Big Bone Lick have made their way through the Geier Center doors. The Cincinnati Museum Center team prepared and cataloged the items that made their way to Big Bone Lick's visitor center displays. Here is a behind the scenes look at the fossils being prepped for their big day, as well as a few fossils that are in the works for future museum exhibits.

About the Geier Center

The Geier Collections & Research Center at 760 West Fifth Street is easily recognized by the life-sized family of woolly mammoths at the front of the building. In September 2001, Museum Center consolidated collections storage and research activities into the 70,000 square foot facility on the corner of Gest and W. Fifth Streets. For the first time, all natural history collections and history artifacts are housed in a museum-quality environment.

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