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3D printers create replicas for new display at state historic site

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Museum Center and Xavier University are pairing paleontology and technology to create elements for a new display at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site. Using 3D scanning and printing technology, Xavier University will create replicas of fossils and molds from the collections at Cincinnati Museum Center as part of the Big Bone Lick Visitor Center revitalization project being done by Cincinnati Museum Center.

Three artifacts from Cincinnati Museum Center’s collections will be scanned and printed as part of a new display at Big Bone Lick: a mastodon molar, an ancient bison tooth and a jaw fragment from Harlan’s Ground Sloth. Previously, similar projects involved making molds of specimens then casting replica copies. With 3D printing technology at the Xavier University Center for Innovation, replicas can be made as accurately and with less risk to the artifacts.

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