Increase Awareness

By: Don Clare

Have you ever gone on vacation to any type of theme destination and noticed how all the area businesses, hotels, motels, tourist attractions, and the town or community itself adopts that same theme for its own? For example, consider Disneyland, or a cowboy town out west, or Shakertown or Williamsburg, etc. The area embraces that particular theme and feeds into and develops it. We need this to occur more in Boone County to help promote the local, state, national, and international importance of Big Bone.

An excellent example of this is what Elena Miller and the Florence Mall did with its creation of the children’s play area with the Big Bone Lick theme! How clever, effective, and supportive this has been! It heightens the sense of awareness of Big Bone Lick and exposes it to thousands of people every day that otherwise would not have given Big Bone Lick a second thought. We need more of this kind of support in our county and state.

I think a great idea would be for the city of Florence to adopt a Big Bone Lick theme for its new proposed aquatic park. I’m sure a park architect could do wonders with that sort of theme challenge. How about it, Florence? Would you consider a Big Bone Theme? Anyone interested?

Perhaps there are other area businesses that could also use a Big Bone Lick theme in their advertisements or promotions. How about a wooly mammoth burger, or a box of Big Bone Salt, or a school sports team name or mascot, like the Ryle Bisons or the Gray Mastodons or the Conner Saber Toothed Tigers. Anyone interested?

It sure worked for the new movie “Ice Age.” If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it.

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